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xero shoes fit

The sizing for Xero Shoes is a little odd and they recommend that you size up .5 size to ensure your shoes fit properly. In all of my reviews, I order size 10s which fit well for me in most models.

Genesis is a perfect example of the design principle of form following function in its pure minimalist footwear application. I assume that whoever wrote the headline thought that the shoes weighed 8.5 oz for the pair — but your review is clear in saying that this is per shoe. It was that headline that got me to read the review. If they were 4 ounces and only good as camp shoes I might get them. See pictures in the Commentary section for more info on this fraying. Minimalist material choices and breathable mesh uppers mean you don’t have to be afraid of getting your feet wet while wearing the Xero Shoes Mesa Trail.

Right at the start of our journey, I bought the kids and I’ll say clearly that they are not for wide, high-volume kids. Boys aren’t much for playing dress up, so here’s the one and only picture I got of him in them for this review. But picture after picture of daily living with us and his friends show he’s wearing these more than he’s not. See my Alpine review here, and looks at sandals, Daylite Hiker Fusion, and Aqua Sport.

In this article I share my top ten favorites that I wear all season long. Amuri Cloud ready-to-go lacing system requires patience and fiddling, I’ve had a hard time getting mine right for running. As compared to the “one-size-fits-all” approach of the Amuri Cloud and Sensori Venture sandals, the DIY lacing options are virtually endless. We chose a basic lacing configuration for Hanna’s sandals, but one is only limited by imagination and time. Xero Shoes reports over 35,000 people in 92 countries have made their own sandals with a DIY Kit.

They are excellent for walking around or working out. I specifically bought them for CrossFit, however, I now use them for everything. Prio does run true-to-size, which makes ordering easy. So, you may ask how these shoes without arch support are good for you? It is not as simple as “no arch support.” The shoe is completely flat with a FLEXIBLE sole and WIDE toebox. These are two key items that make the most difference.

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There aren’t many reviews of the Xero 360s yet since they’re such a new product. But based on the 27 five-star reviews the shoes do have, it seems like the people who bought these shoes are happy with them. Most reviews praise the 360s for being lightweight, comfortable, and flexible. For me, aesthetics are the biggest downside to these shoes and most other Xero shoes—and a lot of barefoot shoes regardless of brand, to be honest. I just don’t like the way most minimalist shoes look, and I’d venture to guess I’m not alone in that. The Xero 360 Shoes could be a great fit for you if you are interested in trying minimalist shoes – but be careful not to jump in too quickly if this is your first time wearing 0mm shoes.

The Xero Shoes Prio comes from a manufacturer who largely made huaraches and sandals up until the release of this shoe. These trainers offer an overall roomy fit, a particularly wide toe box, and an optional insole if you’re looking for a little additional support and cushioning. Though the outsole isn’t particularly grippy on trail, the flat, flexible design allows for natural foot positioning and improved proprioception. The Prio earns our Top Pick for Road Running, as well as a recommendation for those looking to transition to barefoot running. All of Xero women’s shoes are wider than conventional women’s shoes.

xero shoes fit

The heavy-wear areas have suede for protection against wear, and there’s breathable mesh through much of the rest of the shoe. With normal use (which I’m defining as two to four workouts per QuickBooks week), I think the Xero 360s would last a reasonable length of time. I’m sorry to hear about that incident with the stick splinter! I’m glad that it didn’t cause any foot issues for you.

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All of Xero Shoe’s children’s shoes are wider than conventional children’s shoes. All of our children’s shoes are wider than conventional children’s shoes. All of our women’s shoes are wider than conventional women’s shoes. All of our men’s shoes are wider than conventional men’s shoes. Running is usually where people struggle with the transition to barefoot shoes. I’ve been working up to running barefoot for about a year, so running in the Xero shoes 360 was fine for me.

  • If you’re looking for the absolute most durable cross-training shoe on the market, this isn’t it.
  • A pair of Genesis takes up very little space for travelers.
  • What I’d suggest is looking at your current lineup of training shoes and determining whether they meet your intent.
  • Whether you’re out on a run, trying out a new trail, or hitting the gym, you’ll love the Prio’s combination of freedom and protection.
  • The Xero Shoes Prio feature a wide toe box that allows your toes to spread out and breathe more.

Basically all minimalist shoes have this to let your toes spread out and breathe. And it’s also nice for those of you with wider feet. Plus, air travel and long hikes may cause your feet to swell—a wider toe box allows this to happen without your feet getting squashed. My wife found the knit version of the Phoenix to be great for wide feet. She has a wide toe box, and her feet were actually wider than this shoe.

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If you have wider feet or love having a ton of toe box room, then you’ll really enjoy this aspect. This was a major plus for deadlifting and unilateral lower body training where I want maximal ground contact. For those who are looking to bridge the gap between conventional trainers and barefoot road runners, the Prio offers you a shoe that comfortably walks that line. An integral part of the huarache-inspired design, the external straps also add an additional level of support to the lacing system. The sole extends up the sides at the midfoot, almost like an external TPU stabilizer. While this in no way adds the same type of conventional support, it does help secure the shoe to your foot and increase durability in a spot that often scuffs and wears out quickly.

Everyone’s feet are a different shape, and the FeelTrue rubber outsole is perfectly contoured to fit your foot shape, without giving any unnecessary support. It’s been shown that shoes with arches can make your foot weaker retained earnings as they don’t have to support themselves. Whereas, if you switch to a minimalist shoe, the strength and muscles in your foot can improve significantly. Have you been considering going down the minimalist shoe route?

If you’ve changed your mind within 45 days of purchase, simply return your items for a full refund or exchange them for a different size. Huarache-inspired design — the adjustable instep and midfoot straps are not just eye-catching but functional, giving you a secure and comfortable fit. Natural MOTION — the HFS is flexible enough to let your feet bend, move, and flex the way, well, that feet are supposed to.

xero shoes fit

They’re a casual shoe with the sole of a running shoe. Meaning you can wear them to a meeting then straight onto the trails. In theory, you can also run in them, but they’re not very breathable. Two years ago, I had worn through another pair of minimalist shoes.

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If you find that you have to go for a bigger size in normal shoes to get a wider fit, you probably won’t have to do that with the Prio shoes. Keep in mind that leather and other natural materials will stretch with wear, and given that these shoes are true to size, it’s probably a good idea to go with your normal size. The high-quality outsole also keeps its shape too and the toe spring keeps your foot closer to the sole. Although this shoe has been engineered for practicality over fashion, the design is undeniably more elegant than your average minimalist shoes. The ingenious sole pattern provides traction in both slippery and dry conditions and it’s manufactured from partly recycled materials.

The Amuri Cloud sandals have a pleasant amount of tread on a comfortable, lightweight, and flexible sole. We also tried a hike at Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs.

Wanda Rice has been backpacking since the late 1980’s. She has climbed the New Hampshire 48, the New Hampshire 48 in winter, the New England 67 and is working on the New England Hundred Highest and the Four-Season 48.

One thing I really like about these Z-Trail sandals is that they can accommodate socks. The sandal felt comfortable right out of the box, and it didn’t require any break-in time. But if you are new to minimalist sandals, you would find that your feet and legs take in the impact that the thinner soles don’t absorb, which might take some getting used to.

While I personally like them and think they look pretty rad, they would make you look casual no matter what the rest of your outfit is. Since then, they have come a long way and expanded their product line to shoes and other products with the same philosophy. Having experienced a variety of sandals, from standard ones like KEEN UNEEK to minimalist ones like the LUNA Mono Gordo, I’m quite sure about what I want in a pair of sandals. The elastic near the straps has torn already…not a great sign?

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If your splay is wide on a narrow foot, you have a lot more width to work with. The Prios are firmly in the category of an athletic-looking sneaker. They use a design and materials that speak directly to that market. They’ll fit in nicely anywhere you’d wear mainstream athletic sneakers. They usually feature contrasting colors with a pronounced strap at the heel and another at the midfoot.

Barefoot shoes aren’t for everyone, and these FiveFingers especially are not for everyone. I do not like them, but one of the people who introduced me to barefoot shoes has been wearing nothing but these for well over a decade and swears by them. I find the separation of toes annoying, and I don’t feel like I gain anything in the way of balance by having my toes separated. But people love their FiveFingers, and maybe it’s worth trying if you’re curious. Head to your local running shoe store and spend some time in them so you can decide for yourself. For thru hikes I would guess it is nice to have some alternative footwear in town and I can see Xeros fitting the bill.

I move better, less aches and pains, joints feel free. I have taken pictures of the xero shoes compared to other shoes I have which are several different brands and they are ALL wider in the toe area than the xero shoes and very noticeably so. If I could post the pictures here I would xero shoes fit or if anyone knows how to add a picture here I will. If anyone would like to see the pictures I would be glad to email. The company is a great company and have responded to all of my queries. I purchased a pair of shoes which turned out to be too big for me so I had to return them.

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